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PST specializes in providing professional, industry leading and custom-built engineering and advanced material solutions for a variety of applications. Our state-of-the-art research and development facility is an integral part of our business.

Our core technology was invented and developed by founder and CEO, Dr. Gennady Yumshtyk. PST’s proprietary Electro-magnetically enhanced Physical Vapor Deposition (EPVD®) process is one-of-a-kind. The company holds a number of international patents.

PST produces the world’s first and only vacuum systems capable of bonding homogeneous materials to bore surfaces. Our process allows for the application of fully dense, well-adhered material structures to bore surfaces of cylindrical shapes. The EPVD® process is currently suitable for bore diameters ranging from 1/4 inch to 20 inches at lengths of up to 40 feet.


The EPVD® process protects surfaces from in-service wear and deterioration. EPVD® allows the deposition of any desired materials, including alloys and multi-layered/multi-compositional recipes. Application rates with EPVD® are substantially accelerated, reaching levels of 3 mm per hour, a speed unachieved by any other vacuum-based technology in the world. Most importantly, the EPVD® process is environmentally friendly.

The EPVD® process is a cost-effective process that is quickly replacing past coating methods. Our most important clients are, and will continue to be, government organizations and multi-national OGP corporations who require leading edge research, development and engineering services in the most critical areas of production.

PST focuses on clients with the following requirements:

  • System Performance Improvement
  • Material Replacement
  • Operating Cost Savings

PST is a project-oriented company. Each project can involve:

  • Technology Research, Development and Implementation
  • Material Study and Analysis
  • Technical and Engineering Design
  • Equipment Construction, Commissioning and Installation

PST provides clients with superior service accompanied by state-of-the-art hardware capabilities. We implement a quality assurance and control program for all projects. All project information is tracked using an integrated database management system.

Another important aspect of PST’s services is reassigning developed technical data-packages to our clients; these data-packages are to be used at their respective facilities as an essential part of their manufacturing procedure. Developed coating procedures are licensed and implemented as a sequential step in the overall production process replacing currently utilized techniques.