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planeWear and corrosion, in their different forms, are the two major and cost bearing side effects in today’s severe operating environment. Aerospace applications are no exception to this decree and a lot of effort is exhausted due to inability of the aerospace industry to comprehensively deal with these critical elements. Applications where existing material technologies are no longer capable of meeting ever increasing performance requirements provide the greatest opportunity for improvements via alternative solutions such as coatings. Improvement of conventional technologies and development of alternative coating techniques and materials has always been of great importance to PST. This is especially true for unique applications where traditional approaches have been already exhausted.


wheelThe industry is in constant need of materials that will replace galvanic chrome and cadmium; as well as industrially sound technique to apply these new materials to critical internal surfaces of complex-shaped components. Developed and engineered exclusively by Paradigm Shift Technologies Inc., the EPVD™ technology has been exposed to vigorous testing and is currently being engineered for unique use on Landing Gear components of military aircrafts.